The Secret to Becoming an Incredible Salesperson – How I Went From Terrible to Top in Under 2 Years

Selling can seem extremely difficult, especially when you first get started. I know I was a terrible salesperson when I began my career in the insurance and investment industry back in 1985. It took me over a year and a half to make my first sale! However, shortly after that first sale, I skyrocketed to become the top salesperson in our office month after month.

In this article, I’m going to share the secrets behind how I went from being terrible at sales to becoming an incredible salesperson in under 2 years. Whether you sell real estate, insurance, cars, shoes, information, coaching or anything else, these tips will help you improve your sales skills dramatically. Let’s dive in!

Stop Caring Whether People Buy – Understand the Law of Averages

The number one mistake most new salespeople make is that they care too much about whether the prospect buys or not. When I’m in a sales situation now, I honestly don’t care if they buy. How can I say that? It’s because I understand the law of averages.

This law says that out of every X number of presentations I make, I’m going to get Y number of sales. That average is different for everyone. For some it may be 1 sale for every 10 presentations, for others it may be 1 sale for every 30 presentations. Once you know your average, you can relax and just focus on making the presentations, trusting that the sales will come.

Pre-Indoctrinate Your Prospects With Value

You can increase your average sales rate through pre-indoctrination. This means educating prospects on the results they want before ever making them an offer. Teach them something that will help them, not about your product. This builds trust and makes them way more likely to buy when you eventually make an offer.

On my free YouTube channel, I provide tons of value with no selling. This pre-indoctrinates people so when I do promote something, they feel like they owe me and want to pay me to get more help. Spend time serving your prospects for free first, then selling becomes much easier.

Let Prospects Come to You Instead of Chasing Them

Another key realization was that I don’t need to chase after prospects. There are already people out there who would love to buy what I sell, they just need to find out I exist. I make myself easy to find through educational content that serves people. This pulls ideal prospects to me instead of me having to hunt them down.

Handle Objections By Answering Questions

Many salespeople fear objections, but I overcome them by not letting questions turn into objections. I simply answer any question a prospect asks directly. If they ask 15 questions and I answer them all, they will likely buy. Unanswered questions turn into objections. Answered questions lead to closed sales.

Close One-on-One After Group Presentation

For offers above $5,000, I recommend doing a presentation to a group through a webinar or video sales letter. This allows unqualified prospects to opt out. Then do the closing one-on-one with qualified prospects. Start the close by asking what they liked best, handle questions, then confirm their buying decision.


If you apply the tactics I’ve shared in this article, you can rapidly improve your sales abilities just like I did. Trust the law of averages, pre-indoctrinate with value, let prospects come to you, handle objections by answering questions, and close one-on-one. With practice, you too can become an incredible salesperson. Now get out there and start selling!

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